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1. Travel= trip= tour 旅行
2. a variety of= various of=a range of=all kinds of=different=diversity 各种各样的
3. more than= over 超过
4. depart= departure= leave 出发
5. return= go back 返回
6. reserve a seat= book a seat= make a reservation= make a booking= put down  your name early= there's limited number 预定座位(因为数量有限)
7. in advance= ahead of time 提前
8. choice= option 选择
9. such as= like= for example= for instance 例如
10. fuels= coal and firewood 燃料(煤、柴火等)
11. entrance= entry= gate= door= access 入口
12. exit= the way out 出口
13. assignment= homework= coursework= schoolwork= project= task 任务,作业
14. deadline= due-date 截止日期
15. illness or accident= medical or compassionate(令人同情的) reasons 生病或事故
16. method= methodology 方法(论)
17. conclusion= last part= results 结论
18. uncooperative= not helpful 丌吅作
19. landlord= the owner of the house= the owner of the property 房东
20. environment= neighborhood= community= surrounding 社区环境
21. space= room 空间
22. neighbor= people living nearby 邻居
23. noisy= disturbing 吵闹
24. chilled mineral water= cold drink 凉的矿泉水,冷饮
25. down= not working= not happy 丌开心
26. food= snacks= refreshments= something to eat 食品,零食
27. an American man= a man from New York 美国人
28. all day= morning and afternoon 全天
29. free= no extra money= no extra charge= include in the price= part of the  package 无额外费用
30. contact= catch= chase up 联系
31. deal with= handle= cope with 处理
32. rely on= depend on 依赖
33. anxiety= anxious 焦虑
34. disrupt= interrupt= interfere 干扰
35. not complete a course= fail a subject= drop out of a course 挂科
36. diet= dietary 饮食习惯
37. financial difficulty= money problem 财政问题
38. staff shortage= under staff 员工短缺
39. less likely= tends not to 一般丌会
40. press= media= newspaper= publisher 媒体报社
41. tragedy=tragic 悲剧
42. theatre= theatrical 剧院
43. tent= canvas portable building 帐篷
44. highlights= best parts 亮点
45. sports center= sports club= sports complex= fitness center=  keep-fit studio=gym 体育中心,健身房
46. closed-circuit TV= video surveillance= supervise= monitor 监控
47. ask= on request 要求
48. student representative= student leader 学生代表
49. faculty= all the teachers= teaching staff 教职员工
50. staff= workers= employees= recruit 员工
51. price= cost= spend= finance= pay= money 付钱相关
52. risky= dangerous= someone could get hurt 有风险
53. tame= boring= not interesting 无聊
54. fortnight= two weeks= 14 days 两周
55. a dozen of= twelve 一打,十事个
56. a decade= 10 years 十年
57. a century= 100 years 一世纪
58. net=mesh 网
59. along= parallel to 平行
60. intend= plan 打算
61. maximum= up to= the earliest 最大值,最早
62. minimum= start at 最小值
63. good points= advantages= benefits= positives 优点
64. problems= disadvantages= negatives= minus sides= shortages=  shortcomings 缺点
65. enroll= register 注册
66. salary= income= wage 薪水
67. each month= every four weeks= monthly 每个月
68. enough= sufficient= constant supply 充足的
69. sell sth. abroad= export 出口
70. change= alter= transform= modify= adjust= shift 改变
71. overheads= expenses= fees= money 费用
72. repair= fix 修理
73. be classified= fall into the category of 分类
74. international teams= teams from different countries= teams from all around  the world 国际小组
75. approximately= approx.= about 大约
76. measure= provide an index of 测量,提供挃标
77. openings= opportunities= chance 工作机会
78. good links= close relationship 良好的关系
79. delay= hold-up 延迟
80. on somebody's behalf= for somebody 代表某人
81. drop=fall 掉落
82. growing= increasing= developing= rising 增长的
83. lack of good= poor 糟糕的
84. investment= capital 资本
85. takeover= buy out= merge 吅幵
86. managing director= the guy at the top= boss= employer=  the head of a company 公司领导
87. retail outlets= shops= stores 商店
88. personal= Individual= private 私人的
89. solve problems= overcome difficulties 解决问题
90. show around by somebody= guided tour 导游带领参观
91. unreliable= highly debated= useless 丌可靠,有争议,无敁的
92. little extra cost= cheap 便宜
93. phase out= reduce= decrease= decline 淘汰
94. induction= orientation week= initial week 开学说明会,迎新周
95. double in number= twice as many 两倍
96. reduce in number= fewer 更少
97. lift= elevator 电梯
98. temporarily closed= not complete= under construction= not open 暂时关闭
99. provide= offer 提供
100.under= below 在……之下

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