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commit crimes 犯罪
crime prevention 预防犯罪
crack down crime 打击犯罪
petty crime 轻微犯罪

The research suggests that the majority of criminals who were sent to prison would continue to commit crimes when set free.

研究表明关进监狱的大部分犯罪分子 被释放后还会继续犯罪。

criminal n.罪犯;a. 刑事的 ,犯罪的 ,罪恶的

criminal minds 犯罪心理

criminal motivation 犯罪动机

criminal record 犯罪记录

Habitual criminals threaten the public security to a large degree. 惯犯对公共安全有很大的威胁 。

juvenile delinquency 青少年犯罪

youth crime 青少年犯罪

prevention of juvenile delinquency 预防青少年违法犯罪

Many of the problems young people now experience, such as juvenile delinquency, arise from the fact that many married women now work and are not at home to care for the children.
现在像青少年犯罪等问题是缘于许多已婚女性走进职场 ,无法在家照看孩子 。

crime rate 犯罪率

The best way to decrease the crime rate is to extend the period of sentence for criminals.

降低犯罪率的最好方法就是延长罪  犯的刑期。

crime-ridden  a. 犯罪猖獗的,充满犯罪行为的
11 of crimes 充满犯罪行为的

It is unfriendly, crime-ridden and filled with alcoholics and people who dump trash everywhere.

这个地方很糟 糕,犯罪猖獗,酣酒成风,垃圾到处都是。

offender n. 罪犯 ;冒犯者;违法者
violator n 违背者 ,违反者 law-breaker n. 违法者
juvenile offender 青少年罪犯

The compassionate judge  gave the young offender  a light sentence.


infraction  n. 破坏 ,违反 ,违背
delinquency n 行为不良 ,违法犯罪
offense  n. 犯罪 ,过错
infraction of law 违法
infraction of regulations 违反规则
Juveniles, like adults, can be charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, or an infraction.

Truant n.旷课者;懒惰的人;vi. 逃学,偷懒
play truant 逃学

Children who perform poor at school are also more likely to truant, which is also linked to offending.


anti-social personality 反社会人格

In all abnormal personalities , crimes caused by antisocial personality are the most.


root cause 根本原因
direct cause 直接原因
primary cause 主要原因
touch the root cause 触及根本原因
potential cause and root cause 潜在原因和根本原因
The root causes of crime are many and diverse. Any hope of addressing those causes successfully requires. multifaceted strategies, which can be implemented by neighborhoods, communities and various levels of government.


propensity  n. 倾向;习性;癖好,偏爱
propensity to consume 消费倾向
propensity to invest 投资倾向
have a propensity for sth. 有做某事的倾向

These juvenile offenders are in need of treatment because they have a negative disposition and high propensity to continue committing crime.


deviant a. 不正常的 ,离经叛道的 ;n. 不正常者 ,偏常者
divergent a.相异的 ,分歧的
aberrant a.脱离常轨的
deviant behaviour 异常行为 ,越轨行为

Once labelled as deviant,a young person may accept that role, and be more likely to associate with others who have been similarly labelled.


problematic α. 成问题的 ,有疑问的
problematic behaviour 有问题的行为
problematic issues 棘手的问题

Failure to develop communication skills may lead to more problematic behaviours, such as truancy, running away from home, or more serious acts, such as vandalism, petty theft or violence.

没能掌握良好的沟通技巧 会导致很多不良行为 ,如逃学 、离家出走 ,或是更严重 的行为 ,如故意破坏他人财产 、偷窃或暴力行为。

penalty  n. 罚款,处罚
punishment n. 惩罚     retribution n. 报应 ,惩罚
impose heavy penalty on 严惩
pay the penalty 遭受惩罚
the extreme penalty 死刑 ,极刑
under(on) penalty of 受......的处罚

He will receive the penalty for his own behaviour.他将因自己的所作所为而受到惩罚。

punitive a. 处罚的 ,惩罚的
punitive measure 惩罚措施
punitive sanction 惩罚性制裁
Precise details of how to enforce these punitive measures are still being worked out.

embark on 开始(工作),着手,从事
embark on sth. 开始着手做某事
Many young people are misled by the misbehaviour in society and embark on the criminal road.
很多年轻人因为社会上的不良 影响而误入歧途 ,进而 走上犯罪的道路。

public safety 公共安全
social/pubic order 社会秩序 ,社会治安
public security 公共安全
More and more cameras are being installed, but is public safety really improving?

监视器越装越多 ,但治安真的有改善吗?

crack down 采取严厉措施 ,制裁
crack down youth crime 降低青年犯罪
crack down on/upon 对......采取严厉措施;制裁
crack down on counterfeit goods 打假

uncontrolled  a. 不受控制的
out of control 失去控制
go uncontrolled 不加以控制

In sum, detailed crime coverage in the media under­ mines our lives in several ways. I am convinced if such reports continue to go uncontrolled, it will exert even more baneful influence on individuals and societies.


unlawful a. 不法的 ,违法的;不道德的
lawful a. 合法的 unlawfully  ad不合法地
illegal a.非法的,违法的
unlawful  activities 非法活动
unlawful interests 非法利益
He was arrested for the unlawful possession of fire arms. 他因非法携带武器而被捕。

legal a. 法律的 ,合法的 ,法定的
legality n. 合法,合法性
lawful a. 合法的 ,法定的 licit a.合法的
legitimate a.合法的
illegal a 非法的,违法的
legal aid 法律援助               legal effect 法律效力
legal  obligation  法律义务       legal  services 法律服务
legal  right  合法权利 ,法定权利
It is not legal for boys of that age to drink alcohol. 这个年龄的男孩喝酒是违法的。

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